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My mission, after I get my stitches out tomorrow, is to go through all messages and reply to every one/get commissions on the to-do list. Sorry about the movie night. I need to get the movie back from my teacher first; she still has it. 

17 deviants said Okay then. o3o
5 deviants said FKSDJKS COME ONNN ;_;
3 deviants said FINALLY



|Commission prices| To-Do List | x | x |

If you're going to complain about my fame, read this!
I really don't feel I deserve the fame that I have. My art is not good.
So, if you need help with something, like emergencies and very important causes for voting for something (this is not to try to get watchers!) note me and we can talk it out! <3 I love to help people.

Some places you can find me (especially roleplaying)
ThunderClan's Deputy and owner, Tinderblaze, at Lyriad.
A ThunderClan warrior, Fallingsnow, at Bryniel.


~W E L C O M E~

| Fuchsia | Single | January 5th |

Some people call me Yugi, Fuch, and Fuchsy.

Hallo! I am a 14 year old artist who, in which I am hoping, one day becomes a successful artist. I love making new friends and I don't bite, so maybe drop by and say hi? I try and answer all my comments, but the comments that say: "Aww, so cute!" "I love your art!", Thank you in advance because I don't really get the time to say thank you since I get a lot of them
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Commissions are currently: OPEN

Commission Prices


:bulletgreen: = PAID

:bulletred: = NOT PAID



THIS WILL BE UPDATED AFTER SCHOOL'S OVER. It's keeping me way too busy and I haven't drawn in weeks.

:bulletpink:Art Trades:bulletpink:

:bulletpink: BrittishKitsune - Draw Roy Mustang


- Miiroku - Plushie, full picture- ALL PAID

- kitcat70 129:points: for an adoptable


:bulletyellow: Gift for Thiefer Jack Atlas and Boo



Can I draw you fanart?

Of course! x) I love fanart!

Can you watch me?

I don't do watches on request.

Can I tag you?

I don't do tags. X'D Sorry.

Can I be your friend?

Of course, I love making friends! :D

Can you draw me something?

I don't take requests, but I do commissions. They are, however currently closed.

Why won't you reply to my comment?

I either don't get the time, or I just choose not to. Comments that say "Aww cute!" Or anything alone those lines, I normally don't reply to.

You haven't done my commission!

Give me time! I have a lot to do. If there's something I owe you, comment on my profile, please. Don't forget to remind me frequently!

Join Bryniel!

If you can't join, please spread the word! There may be others that would like to join!

You guys should join this site if you like to roleplay warriors! Theres also a Hunger Games roleplay!

Bryniel is an active Warrior Cats roleplay, with fun and exciting plots. Active staff and high ranks and is guaranteed to be one of the best live chatbox Warrior Cats roleplays!

Fight for your clan, your mate, your beliefs. Indulge in fun plots, create your own plots an prophecy's, go on journeys to complete them. Enjoy yourself and create MANY exciting friends!

Joining is simple!
Just sign up with your information (username.. password..etc). No personal information is required besides e-mail, but we don't use it for anything but sign-up. After sending your registration, simply confirm it in your e-mail and you're good to go!

Joining a clan is simple!
Just create your character, or character and put them on your profile, then begin roleplaying them in their clans! You don't need permission to join a clan unless you're an outsider (in roleplay) seeking entry! We also offer rogue/loner/kittypet roleplay in The Outskirts!

Current Plot
The five clans, ThunderClan, ShadowClan, WindClan, RiverClan and SkyClan are traveling up the mountains to find new homes after being chased out of their old territory by twolegs. This exciting plot provides many twists and turns and is guaranteed to be a thrill ride!

We are a Warrior Cats roleplay that needs more active people!
Everyone is nice there, and modding is very good. We don't tolerate trolling or bullying.
The staff provide a safe and friendly environment for all roleplayers, any issues can be brought to their attention at any time!
Don't worry about not being welcomed. We welcome anybody, no matter what the age or skill.
The only thing we ask of is seriousness. If you're going to RP, it can't be:

*walks in* hi

If you're new to roleplaying, we'd be happy to help you along! If you're new, look here!
Never RPed warriors and are interested in doing so? Look here!

You can only view pages (aside for home page, rules and guide) once your account is created due to a member lock!

Any further questions, feel free to note me or message an owner on the site!




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Lol! I love your webcam and your art is TOTALLY EPIC!! :3
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AHH! :meow:
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Reminder of my commission or refund pls
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