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~W E L C O M E~

| Fuchsia | Single | January 5th |

Some people call me Yugi, Fuch, and Fuchsy.

Hallo! I am a 14 year old artist who, in which I am hoping, one day becomes a successful artist. I love making new friends and I don't bite, so maybe drop by and say hi? I try and answer all my comments, but the comments that say: "Aww, so cute!" "I love your art!", Thank you in advance because I don't really get the time to say thank you since I get a lot of them
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Commissions are currently: CLOSED

Commission Prices


:bulletgreen: = PAID

:bulletred: = NOT PAID



Refund rootwhiisker 280

:bulletpink:Art Trades:bulletpink:

:bulletpink: BrittishKitsune - Draw Roy Mustang


- Miiroku - Plushie, :bulletgreen: Halloween Badge :bulletred:
- Elkene - Commission of Bramble :bulletred:
- ZeroPercentLove - Commission of Bramble :bulletgreen:
- Puffi-On-Whiskey - Request
- Whistle-A-Song Commission of Bramble :bulletred:
- Toxinzgirl Request
- squirralpaw Commission of Bramble :bulletred:
- :devliqquor: Commission of Bramble :bulletred:
- Paint-Tool-Sigh Request
- kitcat70 129:points: for an adoptable


:bulletyellow: Gift for Thiefer Jack Atlas and Boo



Can I draw you fanart?

Of course! x) I love fanart!

Can you watch me?

I don't do watches on request.

Can I tag you?

I don't do tags. X'D Sorry.

Can I be your friend?

Of course, I love making friends! :D

Can you draw me something?

I don't take requests, but I do commissions. They are, however currently closed.

Why won't you reply to my comment?

I either don't get the time, or I just choose not to. Comments that say "Aww cute!" Or anything alone those lines, I normally don't reply to.

You haven't done my commission!

Give me time! I have a lot to do. If there's something I owe you, comment on my profile, please. Don't forget to remind me frequently!


Six by Fuchsianess
Gift for another friend on Bryniel. ;v;
It would mean a lot to me. My friend is in need, this would mean more than the world to her.

So, she's really into Monster High. The web episodes and movies, I mean, of course. She roleplays as Frankie Stein from the show. However, she has a really strong OTP from that show, and that's Jackson/Holt x Frankie Stein.

She's been looking for a person to roleplay Holt with her and join this site called as well as the monster high verse. I'm on there, too, if you ever wanted to talk to me!

But anyway, if you're interested, note me or skype me. My Skype is aiboulieve. I'll be more than happy to redirect you to her as she's a tad picky with her decision, but she's mainly looking for : An in character roleplayer, someone who ships Jackson/Holt x Frankie, is capable of doing Multi-para

If you can't spread it around, spread the word!

She kinda needs an up after what's been going on the past few weeks. You'll make someone very happy. <3
You guys rock.
Livestream by Fuchsianess
I'm not going to be drawing, but come watch me be nooby at pokemon. I FORGOT HOW TO PLAY IT.




|Commission prices| To-Do List | x | x |

If you're going to complain about my fame, read this!
I really don't feel I deserve the fame that I have. My art is not good.
So, if you need help with something, like emergencies and very important causes for voting for something (this is not to try to get watchers!) note me and we can talk it out! <3 I love to help people.




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