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Hey hey hey! I miss everyone so much.


Here's a journal as to why I've been inactive.

1.) School is INCREDIBLY DEMANDING. There's so much more work than I thought there would be, and it takes away from my time to be on here and draw, especially digitally. ;~; It's killed my urge to draw and I'm just overall ahhhh.

2.) I'm depressed. Not like, major major depressed, but my demeanor's been primarily down and I'm not so happy-go-lucky, not like I used to be. It's more than just being upset about something, y'know? The last thing I'd want to do is upset you guys. That's not what I'm here for!

3.) Mooooving. Hasn't happened yet, I know. We're going through houses and I think we've found one we can stick to. Hopefully. They keep moving the closing date and it's getting more and more frustrating. :/ If they don't move out by January 9th, we're walking away from it and looking again. I know.. It's bleh.

4.) Art block. As said, I haven't had any time to really sit down and dedicate myself to a drawing. It's getting harder to find time and I just... don't have the motivation anymore. I've actually been more into writing, but it's more roleplaying than writing fanfictions. Don't have the originality to come up with a whole story, heh...

5.) I'm looking to go into more voice acting work. Just stuff on YouTube. I ordered this awesome microphone and headphones for cyber monday that'll be in by Christmas. I just need to look for software I can properly edit the video and audio and put it all together with. That's proving to be hard. But hey, my Yuugiou Season 0 Fandub is up again!

6.) Stress. Stress, stress, stress. Stress everywhere. I can't focus on one thing for long, I start to feel horrible and emotional. It's bad. I don't wanna come on here to be one of those people that constantly complains. Don't feel the need to worry about me, though. It's gonna be okay. I just have to gahhh. YEAH.

So I'll be okay! I promise.
If you have any questions, need to contact me, here's some places you can find me:

Twitter: Fuchsianess
Tumblr: Fuchsianess

Pretty obvious but y'know. xD
So sorry for such a late update. </3

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Happy Birthday!!
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Happy birthday, friend! I hope your day was wonderful <3
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Happy birthday :'D
we share the same birthday too ooo
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happy birthday !! ;v;
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